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How do I sign up for the exchange program?

When you make your first purchase at Soda Sense, you become a Soda Sense Exchange Member and have an account so we can continue to make exchanges available to you.

Are there membership or subscription fees?

No membership or subscription fees are required.

When do I get charged for my exchange?

Once the box of exchange canisters is received and scanned into our system, you have authorized us to charge your on-file payment method the rate of $20.99/canister for your refill and exchange shipment of refilled CO2 canisters.

How do I make sure my canisters are empty?

Depress the center point on your canister with a spoon to allow any remaining CO2 to safely escape. Make sure you are be in a large room or other open space and depress center point slightly to allow gas to escape slowly and safely and only do this for up to ten (10) seconds. If gas remains after ten (10) seconds, contact us before trying to return the canister.

Can I exchange one (1) canister at a time?

No, our exchange program requires that two (2) canisters be included in every exchange return. Exchanges that are sent to us with only one (1) canister may be subject to significant additional charges. However, single canisters can be ordered.

Can exchanges be sent any other way?

No, each exchange must be sent to us via United States Postal Service (USPS) in our exchange box which holds exactly two (2) 14.5oz, 60L CO2 canisters.

Do any retailers carry Soda SENSE exchange canisters?

No, all of our exchanges are done exclusively through mail-ins.

What size canisters are eligible for exchange?

We only accept 14.5oz, 60L commercially available CO2 canisters.

Do you refill other canisters?

Yes, all 14.5oz, 60L commercially available CO2 canisters of are accepted in our exchange program.

I threw away my exchange box/shipping label. Can I mail my exchanges with a different box/label?

No, each exchange box contains the correct regulatory shipment labels for 14.5oz, 60L CO2 canisters only. To avoid additional charges, do not mail back exchanges in any other box. To avoid purchasing an extra box, save each box to use for future exchanges. If you discard the box, we will send a new one at the flat rate of $4.99 to you to continue the exchange process.

Do you accept canisters that are not 60L?

We only accept 14.5oz, 60L canisters.

Do I get charged late fees?

No, with Soda Sense return them when you are ready for a refill!

Can I return the canisters if I’m not satisfied?

Our products can be returned within 30 days of the original purchase of the product. A new product may be exchanged for another product or returned for a refund if conditions are met.

How long does it take for my order to ship?

We process orders within 48 hours of receipt on business days. Once the order has been processed and payment is charged, our goal is to ship your order within 48 hours. However, delays can happen from time to time so thank you in advance for your patience.


How to assemble Soda Sense exchange box.

How to package Soda Sense exchanges.

Verify the canisters are empty by depressing the center pin with a spoon to remove any remaining CO2.
Twist on provided caps to seal the canisters.
Place included return label over the existing label. 

Tape box closed. 

Place in mailbox.


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